Wednesday, February 25, 2009

jazz-in around my favourite things

Boys and Girls check out this video.
Brings back childhood memories to the modern day!
Hope you enjoy it!

My Favourite Things by Pomplamoose Music


This is my current wallpaper.
It keeps me focus and happy.
It tells me that life isn't dull if we know where to look!

I bump into an interesting quote today...
"She who laughs at herself will never run out of things to laugh."

Saturday, February 21, 2009

My Baby Niece = COVERLOOKS MODEL 2009

My baby niece Caitlyn Tan is the COVERLOOKS MODEL of 2009

Isn't she adorable??? and she's a total natural with the camera.
So PROUD of her...

There she is...

For sis,
Mom and me says GOOD JOB!!! ^^

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Take A Bow (Madonna) explains it all

This is one of my favourite songs. The lyrics also explains it all...

Take a bow by Madonna

Take a bow,
the night is over
This masquerade is getting older
Light are low,
the curtains down
Theres no one here
[theres no one here, theres no one in the crowd]
Say your lines but do you feel them
Do you mean what you say when theres no one around [no one around]
Watching you, watching me, one lonely star
[one lonely star you dont know who you are]

Ive always been in love with you [always with you]
I guess youve always known its true [you know its true]
You took my love for granted, why oh why
The show is over,
say good-bye

Say good-bye [bye bye], say good-bye

Make them laugh, it comes so easy
When you get to the part
Where youre breaking my heart [breaking my heart]
Hide behind your smile, all the world loves a clown
[just make em smile the whole world loves a clown]
Wish you well, I cannot stay
You deserve an award for the role that you played [role that you played]
No more masquerade, youre one lonely star
[one lonely star and you dont know who you are]


Say good-bye [bye bye], say good-bye

All the world is a stage [world is a stage]
And everyone has their part [has their part]
But how was I to know which way the storyd go
How was I to know youd break
[youd break, youd break, youd break]
Youd break my heart
Ive always been in love with you
[Ive always been in love with you]
Guess youve always known
You took my love for granted, why oh why
The show is over, say good-bye

Say good-bye [bye bye], say good-byeSay good-bye

Sunday, February 15, 2009


Just letting you peeps know what's going on with me recently.

During the weekdays, it was a totally emotional and hectic week for me.
A lot happened at the same time. *wonders why does this things always happens to me*

For the Valentine's Day weekend,
Friday -

I had lunch with Aaron at Tony Roma's, Pavillion. It was our first time at Tony Roma's. We had no idea the serving was super BIG! The food is nice and so was dessert unfortunately after the main course we couldn't properly enjoy TR's signature dessert. We were too full and walkin out with a tired and bloated look. We took 3 hours just to finish having lunch. XD

Then after lunch we went shoppin at low yat from some stuff then headed home.

When I got home I got a text from Edmund and we went clubbing that night. It was his friends birthday. So we danced and partied into Valentine's Day @ Mist, Bangsar. I had a great time.

For Edmund,
Thanks for the invite darling. I had a really nice time with you. ^^ MUAX and HUGS!

Saturday/Valentine's Day -
I got home at 5am, wanted to sleep in late but got woken up by mom for breakfast.

Later in the evening went to Ikano/Ikea for some shopping because I needed to get my wardrobe organized. Too many clothes in plastics needed to get better storage boxes.

Then met up with Aaron, Nigel, Kelz, Jen and David for a movie at Cineleisure. We watched The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. Its a really nice movie. You peeps should go watch. Then had supper.

For Nigel,
Thanks for the invite. Thanks for being such a supportive friend. *hugs* ^^

Sunday (today) -
I got home at 2 am after the movie.

For Aaron,
Thanks for the lunch on friday and also for sending me all the way home after the movie. *hugs* ^^
Thanks for everything esspecially landing an ear and cheering me up.
Free again we play Uno and bully the computers. hahaha XD

Woke up at 7am headed for church. Came home and found a close family friend passed away.
Really sad at the moment when I had to break the news to my childhood friend Wai Mun because she was at UUM. Her dad passed away this morning at 11am due to illness. She's my neighbour and we are like family because we grew up together and her mom took care of me since I was 3.
I'm sure her dad is in a better place and no longer suffering from illness. May he rest in peace.

Tomorrow is going to be a hectic day for me. I have to wake up at 6am to head to uni for 3 classes and rush back to comfort and support Wai Mun.

So everthing sums up a tiring and emotionally draining week.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Hope for the Children - Samsung Hope

Spreading out the word HOPE for underprivileged children.

Samsung Malaysia is carrying out a programme called Samsung Hope to help underprivillage children. Samsung Malaysia has pledge Rm295,200 for 3 children beneficiaries in Malaysia namely, The Children’s Protection Society, Shelter Home and World Vision Malaysia.

Each of these beneficiaries will receive RM65,000 base amount, with additional grant allocated determined by the number of pledges it receives through their official website at Samsung Hope.

All you have you to do to help any one of these beneficiaries is by checking out the site and complete 3 steps which are, selecting the beneficiary you’ll like to pledge for, pick a balloon, and fill out your simple details along with your wish of hope. There is NO COST incurred and EVERYONE IS ELIGIBLE to pledge.

It doesn't take 5 minutes Guys... and you can

So let's do our part and visit this site Samsung Hope and PLEDGE...

Hope Takes Off !

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I am... lost

I am,

Lost of Words,

Lost in Thoughts,

Lost at Heart,

I am,


Thursday, February 5, 2009


At the balcony,
Looking out to the world,
Feeling a sudden breeze blowing the wind chimes.
Here, trying to get an answer,
Under the cloud covered sun...