Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Music has its Humour

Well I found this and I know its quite an old video,
but it never cease to make me laugh.

Enjoy! ^^

Victor Borge on Hungarian Rhapsody

Sunday, June 27, 2010

music has no borders

Even if your deaf doesn't mean u can't convey the message of music in your own way.

It didn't stop Beethoven and it shouldn't stop any of us!

Hope you enjoy this video as much as I do!


Saturday, June 26, 2010

A School Day With Jimmy Choo!

Last term we had a visit by Jimmy Choo!

He spent sometime drawing some shoes with the kids!

Me being a Lai Ma (Godma) to Leanne.

Shoe drawing session with Jimmy Choo

Autograph session

SAL Bangsar team
Goofing around with the very priced shoe drawn by Jimmy Choo

Yours Truly,
signed by Jimmy Choo

Guilin, China

Got a free trip to Guilin for 4 days & 3 night all inclusive except flight.

So off mom and me flew there and the weather is tropic winter with slight flurries!

Well I don't have much to say but just pictures to show what Guilin, China has to offer.

Local delicacy -Fried mini soft shell crabs

Along the Li River

Master Painter during lunch

Tai Chi with the elders.

Beautiful oriental architectures.

Winter floras.

Tau fu fa and it comes in salty, spicy and sweet flavors

Underground treasure (Honey)

By the fire place.

For culture.

Detailed craftsmanship.

Ancient printing.

Oriental living.

Life underwater.

Underground beauty.

Ending with a beautiful sunset

Me signing off at the Li River

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I'm a proud aunty again for the 4th time! ^^

On the 15th of March 2010,
from a family of 7 , has become a family of 8!
My youngest nephew, baby Ayden Reed Tan was born on this day!
Weighing 3.43kg and 48cm long.

Baby Ayden eyes wide open!

Sleeping now... heehee so adorable for now... :P

Caitlyn no longer mei mei. Now jie jie!
Caitlyn baby sitting her baby brother. Awww....

Welcome to the family Baby Ayden!
With lots of love from YeeYee & PoPo
will see you in a month or so! heehee

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

"I'm going to the Gatsby Deodorant Street Fair"

I'm going to the Gatsby Deodorant Street Fair!

It's gonna be fun! And while I'm at it I get to win cool gadgets worth up to 15k!
To win those prizes all I need to do is to bring my lucky charm for the lucky draw
Wrestle my way by being a sumo wrestler in an air bag suit
Battle like a gladiator (just hope that its lions from my imagination)
play other amusing and addictive games that you can expect at a street fair!

So come on down to
Front Foyer, Ground Floor, Berjaya Times Square, Kuala Lumpur.
on the
17th April 2010
10am till 5pm

I'll see you peeps there! ;)

for more info check out this website

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Multimeter-in Mr. Kenny Sia

Just goofing around at KBU college in the engineering lab with Kenny Sia on how to use a multimeter!
It's so electrifying!

-photo courtesy of Kenny Sia-

my job = gets to meet Malaysian Astronaut

I guess you peeps are wondering what have I been up to and what's my job like.

I'm working at Steps Ahead Learners Bangsar branch as a pre-school teacher.
This is the pre-school I'm working in.

And... 3rd week into my job and I get to meet the Malaysian Astronaut!
Dr. Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor!

This is him with a child. (He's good with children)

A candid shot with the astronaut...
Ms Sandra (the girl with the red hair) is so enjoying it :P

Putting my artistic skills to use...
I painted the back drop for the kids to take photos in an astronaut suit with the help of my fellow colleagues.

And here's the SAL Bangsar Team! Thanks for letting me be apart of the family! ^^

-photos courtesy of Sandra Wong-

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Life changing decision

You all must be wondering why the certain silence recently.
Well it's because that I have just made a choice not to continue my degree course after one semester into it.
It's not because that I did terribly in my exams ya! I did quite well actually. Lol.
It's just that I wanted a change of scenery. Hahaha... thinking ahead for the future.
Anyways I have been hired as an international pre-school teacher. ^^

So that's why the long silence. I needed to settle things down for a bit.

Will get back on the Penang & Guilin trip soon.

Anne Marie

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Back from Guilin, China

Just got back from my Guilin, China trip a couple of days ago.
Will update soon I hope and on the Ipoh/Penang trip.

Tomorrow uni starts again and I'm a little nervous about my results. =S

wish me luck!

sneak peeks
crazy goofy moments from Ipoh/Penang

Guilin, China

Friday, January 1, 2010


- a burst of optimism -

amcheong's 2009 memoirs

It's the first day of 2010 and I wonder how time flies...

Now I'm looking back through the things that I have experienced and achieved... I would say that 2009 is a most fruitful year for me! for now... heehee

Here's a small recap of the bitter sweet :-

1) A revamp of myself:- new confidence & new smile (I got my teeth fixed)

2) I was a Musicon Celebrity - The Holograms

3) My first 4 original music masterpieces

4) MET THE LOVE OF MY LIFE! a.k.a @tanyeehou

5) PeTA 2009 showcase of my diploma masterpieces & GRADUATED

6) I have been JUNK-ed (featured in Junk Magazine)

7) Traveled to Istanbul

8) Found my love for photography composition

9) Lost a dear friend - Gary Leon Robert (RIP)

10) Degree in Music- change my major from classical piano to classical vocal

11) continued my French since I was 12

12) Took up art lessons

13) Baked my first cake in a rice cooker!

14) Felt like a star at the Nuffnang Blog Awards

15) My first classical vocal recital

16) My first Art Exhibition

17) Spent lots of time travelling around Malaysia with the beloved boyfriend and friends!
Cameron Highlands, Melaka, Ipoh & Penang and hunting for glorious food!
Now to lose those calories... heehee...

Thanking God and Life for all its wonders!
It's a life worth living for!

Lessons learned,
Memories cherished,
A new year is here,
so make it better than before!

Happy New Year! ^^