Saturday, June 26, 2010

A School Day With Jimmy Choo!

Last term we had a visit by Jimmy Choo!

He spent sometime drawing some shoes with the kids!

Me being a Lai Ma (Godma) to Leanne.

Shoe drawing session with Jimmy Choo

Autograph session

SAL Bangsar team
Goofing around with the very priced shoe drawn by Jimmy Choo

Yours Truly,
signed by Jimmy Choo


curryegg said...

Ahhhwww... you look gorgeous dear. Also, beautiful experience you have with jimmy.


vialentino said...

wow....u r so lucky to meet and get his signature sumore...

i am doing bout u? been long time we did not visit each other

anne marie isabelle said...

curryegg: heehee thanks doll! and there's more to come! ^^

via: yea... been very lucky to meet him. a very nice down to earth man!

I'm doing good too. I see your son is growing! hahahha I guess tall like the daddy eh? *giggles*

yea sorry for the long no visit period. lost of changes so I just managed to settle in.