Thursday, January 31, 2008

Shopping Experience..

Yesterday after having lunch with my girl friend I decided to walk along petaling street. I came across this boutique and saw something interesting. So I went in to take a look at a white dress for chinese new year. Then I wanted to try it on. Then the sales girl came by...

(everything was spoken in cantonese)
Sales Girl : this is the latest design (in a sarcastic tone)
Me : Oh Okay... I want to try this on.
Sales Girl : Oh!!!!... YOU CANNOT TRY THIS (in a louder tone)
Me : (Curious) Oh Why is that?
Sales Girl : (sounding frustrated, starring at me with an annoying look) OH! Because it Would get dirty!!!
Me : Oh okay... you can buy your own dress (threw the dress at her and left)

Never in my entire life I wasn't allowed to try on a dress unless of course its a sale or really extremely cheap. And, Don't they have a test try dress. I mean the dress was price at RM169 I SHOULD HAVE THE RIGHT TO TRY IT OUT BEFORE I BUY!

A Whole New Level... Stupidity

A picture that's worth a thousand words....

People tend to think to hard and forget the simplest things...

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Horny Sex Addicts On by KevJumba

Cute. Funny. Straightforward. So true.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Pick up the pieces 2007 pictures

Finally pictures of the "pick up the pieces concert"

shah, dato' ahmad nawab and me (tribute to dato ahmad nawab)

shah, me and thai hosting the 70's retrograde concert

70's retrograde

70's retrograde

tribute to dato' ahmad nawab

shah @ the Q&A session with the audience [tribute to dato' ahmad nawab]

fusion crossroad concert

fusion crossroad concert

I've been tagged.. 7 random/weird things bout me

Oh Joy I Have been Tagged By YY...

So here's the 7 random/weird things about me... oh boy this is hard...

1. I like to ask people how am I annoying.
2. I tend to be geeky at times
3. I watch martha stewart.
4. I like D.I.Y projects
5. I have been called ms. hermoine granger.
6. I'm a shopperholic but never admits that I am one.
7. I get too detailed in conversations.

There you go...