Thursday, January 31, 2008

Shopping Experience..

Yesterday after having lunch with my girl friend I decided to walk along petaling street. I came across this boutique and saw something interesting. So I went in to take a look at a white dress for chinese new year. Then I wanted to try it on. Then the sales girl came by...

(everything was spoken in cantonese)
Sales Girl : this is the latest design (in a sarcastic tone)
Me : Oh Okay... I want to try this on.
Sales Girl : Oh!!!!... YOU CANNOT TRY THIS (in a louder tone)
Me : (Curious) Oh Why is that?
Sales Girl : (sounding frustrated, starring at me with an annoying look) OH! Because it Would get dirty!!!
Me : Oh okay... you can buy your own dress (threw the dress at her and left)

Never in my entire life I wasn't allowed to try on a dress unless of course its a sale or really extremely cheap. And, Don't they have a test try dress. I mean the dress was price at RM169 I SHOULD HAVE THE RIGHT TO TRY IT OUT BEFORE I BUY!

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