Sunday, May 25, 2008

Best Bulgarian Version of Without You (Mariah Carey)

Best Version of the Song Without You (Mariah Carey)

sung by Valentina Hassan on the audition of Bulgarian Idol


Enjoy the Video

I Can't Live If Living is Without You... Oppps sorry wrong words "KEN LEE... TULIBU DIBU DOUCHOO

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Updates on Makyung Raja Adil

More pictures have been added on the Makyung Raja Adil production. Check out the Makyung Raja Adil photos courtesy of anis serenity picas @ fotopages.

This are the short video footage of the show courtesy by salam pantai timur weblog

Mengadap Rebab (introduction)

Peran Tua Scene

The Taman Scene (one of the scene that I'm in)

Short behind the scenes footage of nenek from orang kampung

Preserve Your Chastity (advert)

Creative Advertisment By Suburban Auto Group or Just Scaring The Customers Away

OR Parents Wouldn't Mind Getting This CAR

Next Time Don't Forget To Leave the Monkey At Home... HAHAHHAHA

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Just for Laughs ^-^


Saturday, May 10, 2008

Forwarding from a fellow musician friends URGENT

Forwarding from a fellow musician friend~

To my dear musicians,

Lately I have heard of musicians playing as low as RM150 per gig. Please stop doing it if you are one of them.
Even if you are doing it at RM250, please stop.
Let's try and bring the market up again. 40 years ago a 4 piece band was RM1,500!
Today a 4 piece band can go less than that.

This is absolutely ridiculous. Please stand up and demand for your rights as musicians. Stop accepting gigs that pay you peanuts.
You guys are damn good musicians who have been in the music scene right in the heart of K.L. Some of you may still be new but the quality in your musicianship is excellent.
Some musicians tell me " who's gonna give me RM250 a night , I might as well go and play than to sit at home and do nothing.
You would be amazed that clubs do pay more then 250 per gig if only you open your mouth and ask for more.
Some say " never mind la , just take it as practice sessions".

Stop all this nonsense , you yourselves are spoiling the market that's gonna feed you and the family.
So the next time someone comes up to you and say it's a RM250 gig please stand up and demand for more.
It may be painful if you loose the gig but slowly and surely you are building up the market for yourselves.
The bench mark is at least RM300 per gig. Lowest you can go la but if you can get more, better.

Wake up people!!
Clubs make a lot of money and if they can afford to get a stage and instruments and sound system to go with it they definitely have the budget to pay musicians.
There are some clubs in town where musicians have just boycotted .
No good musician wants to play there but you do get some tidak apa's who play there for peanuts.
Those musicians who have boycotted the place however are still happily gigging at other clubs.
So you see, you will always find other gigs because clubs need the bands to survive.

Two nights ago a client approached my musician and asked them to play for RM500 for a 4 piece. Forget it!
This sista ain't pimping her musicians out. Dun be surprised cos you do get some musicians happily saying ok.

So hear is the deal, please market yourselves well and demand for your rights.You guys are brilliant musicians so start charging like one too.
Be a bitch and let's rock the music scene in town.

Friday, May 2, 2008

The chronicles of 2nd of May 2008

Well the day started at 6 AM trying to pull myself out of bed.

7 AM walking down to the bus station to catch a bus to UNi.

730 AM on the bus headed to MALURI LRT station.

8 AM boarded the LRT headed towards BANDARAYA Station

Reached Uni at 830 AM

Contemporary Arrangement Class starter at 9 AM

11 AM class finished and went to pay my tuition fees.

1115 AM talked to Adlina 'bout some music arrangement for her PETA.

1130 AM getting ready to go home. Stopped by at the practise studio's to check out some friends.

1145 AM walking to the BANDARAYA LRT station.

12 PM buzzed my beloved precious which was half asleep.

1210 PM boarded the LRT headed towards TASIK SELATAN STATION.

1230 PM reached the station and boarded a cab headed towards home.

1245 PM reached the house and realised that I DON'T HAVE MY HOUSE KEYS.

1255 PM went to my neighbours house to see whether mom left the keys for me there. BUT SHE DIDN'T.

1 PM started BUZZING Everyone I could possibly think off.

130 PM resulted to go to Leisure Mall.

145 PM reached Leisure Mall headed to Elianto to disturb my friend.

3 PM headed to STARBUCKS results is this...






GOOFY???....(high on coffee)


And you are wondering why I posted this???


(I Look Horrible in the pictures)


Thursday, May 1, 2008


The music notes on this picture is just ridiculous! It's like dumping everything... notes, accidentals, expression symbols everywhere without actually knowing what the function is...??? People actually believe that's the actual score for Aphex Twins Music.

Can someone please confirm is this the REAL THING?

Wanna Take A Leak... Try this Place....!!!!

I just got to share this with ya'll...

This is a picture taken from YY's blog "Have Soul Will Travel".

courtesy of damien photography.

Wanna Take A Leak??? Curious??? Or Just Crazy???

Toilet Haven in BALI

DELUXE TOILET.... RP5000 just to use it! LOL

Well claimed by YY it is 5 STAR... Hmm... can lawan KLCC's RM5 toilet??? LOL

Yes Yes I'm Back and Bloggin...

Hello Hello... Yes Yes Another Long disappearance from me again... Sorry for that.

I have been busy with the Mak Yong Raja Adil production by the 3rd year students of ASWARA. Practise, Rehearsals, Run Through. So MOST of the time I was in UNI.

[ for those who don't know what's Mak Yong. google it or there's a link provided ;) ]

Anyways reports on "PRODUCTION".

Leading Role. We have our FIRST EVER IN THE WORLD "CHINESE PAK YONG" Ms. Jessica Ho Wai Yee. Who Did a Marvelous Job even though she was a so sick. BRAVO!! And also everyone else who strive their hardest to achieve their levels best to make the show a success. Well of course there's Hiccups here and there like... costumes coming apart (especially mine), people tripping on stage, not forgetting the cuts and bruises endured etc etc etc. Then there's the CREW who bust their buts in through the early morning to get everything ready. Well put it all together it was worth it. This also the last production together for the 3rd years. So sad :(. All the good times cherished.

The Main Cast.

Other Cast.


Managements Crew.

Costumes Crew.

Make Up & Audio Crew.

Props & Set & F.O.H Crew.

For more pictures visit the Mak Yong Album. more pictures will be uploaded.