Thursday, May 1, 2008

Yes Yes I'm Back and Bloggin...

Hello Hello... Yes Yes Another Long disappearance from me again... Sorry for that.

I have been busy with the Mak Yong Raja Adil production by the 3rd year students of ASWARA. Practise, Rehearsals, Run Through. So MOST of the time I was in UNI.

[ for those who don't know what's Mak Yong. google it or there's a link provided ;) ]

Anyways reports on "PRODUCTION".

Leading Role. We have our FIRST EVER IN THE WORLD "CHINESE PAK YONG" Ms. Jessica Ho Wai Yee. Who Did a Marvelous Job even though she was a so sick. BRAVO!! And also everyone else who strive their hardest to achieve their levels best to make the show a success. Well of course there's Hiccups here and there like... costumes coming apart (especially mine), people tripping on stage, not forgetting the cuts and bruises endured etc etc etc. Then there's the CREW who bust their buts in through the early morning to get everything ready. Well put it all together it was worth it. This also the last production together for the 3rd years. So sad :(. All the good times cherished.

The Main Cast.

Other Cast.


Managements Crew.

Costumes Crew.

Make Up & Audio Crew.

Props & Set & F.O.H Crew.

For more pictures visit the Mak Yong Album. more pictures will be uploaded.

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