Sunday, December 30, 2007

Patrick's Wedding

Oh well finally it came up to Patrick's Wedding and FINALLY he Got HITCHED
thanks to aunt rina & elaine's introduction...
Anyways it was a busy busy day... woke up at 530am to get everything ready seemingly we are more worried about the wedding than the groom himself.
[by the way the groom is a family friend]

Anyhow the journey started at cheras (the grooms house) then to serdang (brides house) then to seremban (the grooms family house). Well we are the escorts of the groom and had 4 cars of people to follow him.
We had both a chinese traditional wedding and a church wedding. So twice the detail.
A little hiccups here and there for the chinese traditional ceremony but all went well.

Here's a clip of us fetching the bride... it's hillarious... XD

Anyways wishing the newly weds a happy marriage ^^
for more pictures go to webshots and search for patrick's wedding

Friday, December 28, 2007

christmas cheers ^^

Christmas cheers ^^
This years christmas is actually fun... well didn't get presents except from aunt Rina I got a pair of earings... Thank You aunty Rina ^^
Anyways this year is pretty different. Usually I would be spending the Christmas Holidays with mom, my nephews and my sis....
but this year since they are in singapore so its jus left me and mommy... pretty quiet...

we ended up in aunty Rina's house for a family party... (sorry sis this is the reason why nobody was at home to pick up the phone)
Anyways this is actually the first time we actually went to a family christmas dinner party...
which of course lots of noise from the kids, lots of good food (home cooked ya!) & lots of laughs and cheers... ^^

1/4 of the food we had... lagsane, shepherds pie, turkey etc etc...
sorry no more pictures because the camera ran out of battery... sorry...
Anyways to everyone thanks for the wishes, partically elmo and to precious I will be by your side through thick and thin, Love U so much...

Thursday, December 20, 2007

I'm back ^^

sorry for the long silence ya'll... I have been busy with my exams...
which was a total of crazy. hectic. tiring 2 months. problems after problems accuring, especially on the time factor but anyhow I survived.

Anyways been to a few places here and there as well. Went to the International Magic Competition Showdown in Genting. Mom got free tickets so we went. The journey wasn't very good though cause of the peak season and we actually waited 2 hours to get on the cable car up. The que is totally madness. The show was amusing that's all nothing great but mom enjoyed it.
Well while I was still having my exams Alan flew down from australia just to see me.
well after like 7 years we finally get to meet each other in person.
He was down here for a week. So went jalan-jalan around KL and I tagged Cecelia and Jacqueline along kekeke ^^.

alan and me at the bowling alley

jacqueline, cecelia, me & alan

me & cecelia waiting for alan to get his hair done @ kimarie

having steamboat in ampang (sorry alan the pic of u was only 1/2 of ur face :P)

That's about it for now... much more events coming up. weddings christmas party. etc. etc.