Thursday, December 20, 2007

I'm back ^^

sorry for the long silence ya'll... I have been busy with my exams...
which was a total of crazy. hectic. tiring 2 months. problems after problems accuring, especially on the time factor but anyhow I survived.

Anyways been to a few places here and there as well. Went to the International Magic Competition Showdown in Genting. Mom got free tickets so we went. The journey wasn't very good though cause of the peak season and we actually waited 2 hours to get on the cable car up. The que is totally madness. The show was amusing that's all nothing great but mom enjoyed it.
Well while I was still having my exams Alan flew down from australia just to see me.
well after like 7 years we finally get to meet each other in person.
He was down here for a week. So went jalan-jalan around KL and I tagged Cecelia and Jacqueline along kekeke ^^.

alan and me at the bowling alley

jacqueline, cecelia, me & alan

me & cecelia waiting for alan to get his hair done @ kimarie

having steamboat in ampang (sorry alan the pic of u was only 1/2 of ur face :P)

That's about it for now... much more events coming up. weddings christmas party. etc. etc.

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