Saturday, January 30, 2010

Life changing decision

You all must be wondering why the certain silence recently.
Well it's because that I have just made a choice not to continue my degree course after one semester into it.
It's not because that I did terribly in my exams ya! I did quite well actually. Lol.
It's just that I wanted a change of scenery. Hahaha... thinking ahead for the future.
Anyways I have been hired as an international pre-school teacher. ^^

So that's why the long silence. I needed to settle things down for a bit.

Will get back on the Penang & Guilin trip soon.

Anne Marie


vialentino said...

u seriously wanna be a teacher? actually it is a good job if u dun mind the pay

anne marie isabelle said...

hahaha I am a teacher now! ^^ and enjoying it!