Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Night Of The Keys Concert

Yes Yes I went to the "Night of The Keys Concert" thanks to Teoh's invitation... Well this is actually an annual worldwide event and this year Malaysia hosted it.

Although we were late because Teoh mistaken the time for 830pm instead of 800pm... Luckily we didn't get locked out *bleuk* we missed the opening show of the "tudung periuk" song on the accordion.

But the night was fantastic and technology played a big part in it. I had no idea you can have an entire band playing on an accordion!!! Yes The Roland V-Accordion was featured in the show... And it sure did gave an explossive performance. It was played by Ludovic Beier. Fantastic Musician!

Other inspiring musician played on the show as well like Ryoki Yamaguchi from Japan on the Organ, and local musicians as well, Ko Chuan Li, Kong Su Mei and Lynn Kang.

Well it was a really good concert. It sure made my day after weeks of depression.


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