Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Cameron Highlands with the other half

Had a weekend trip with tan yee hou during the Raya breaks and it was a good one away from the urban life.

First we stopped at Bidor for lunch for the famous Wu Tao (fried yam with char siew inside), the famous duck drumstick noodle and bought the chicken biscuits at Pun Chun Restaurant. [I can't believe that they have their own blog!] Boy it was yummy! As my other half would put it... "Can sing wan! *sings...aaaaaahhhh*" Lol

After that we pumped petrol and Yee Hou was annoyed by the que at shell and after that headed up to Cameron's using the old roads.

We arrived at Cameron's about 530pm and had dinner at about 8pm at one of the charcoal steamboat shops. After dinner we drove up to Brinchang and watched lighted nurseries. It was like a cities of lights *yee hou tan is so romantic* XD

Oh while we were up there we bought Kinder Joy to entertain ourselves. I kept getting the good toys and the other half was manipulating me to give them to him.

Next morning we had breakfast at T-Cafe, such a charming place, nice food and rustic ambiance.
I love the chicken pie!

This is yee hou tan's glam moment having breakfast!

It was a rainy day but it didn't stopped us from going anywhere. We tracked up mount Irau's trail half way urban style with umbrella's and a macbook! Yeap! a macbook because the other half doesn't feel safe living it in the room. Anyways it was freezing cold up there. I don't know how campers camp up at mount Irau.

After the hike we stopped by at the Boh Tea Plantation and took some pretty pictures using a manual camera.

Then headed down to Kea Farm where we bout like 6Kg of strawberries for Rm80, 6 packets of cheery tomatoes for Rm10, 10 pieces of sweet corn for RM 10, 7 different bunch of flowers for Rm 20 and 2 potted "naughty boy" (lilies) for Rm15.
It is a very good buy to us!

When we got down it was already late tea time. The other half manage to convince me to go to KFC nearby. The chicken pieces was big but the air-cond was killer freezing. I wonder whose idea is it to have air-cond up in Cameron Highlands. =.=

Later we went to hunt for roti naan and tandoori chicken at restaurant no 14 but attempt fail because all sold out. Had roti canai and tosay instead and headed back to devour the strawberries.
The other half enjoying himself.

Next morning we woke up at 530am to go watch sunrise at the Gunung Brinchang tower.
Wanted to get a dramatic shot of the sunrise something like this
But out attempt failed again because mother nature was in a moody mood.

After breakfast we took a nap, packed up and left for home. Well even though mother nature wasn't much on our side but we enjoyed very much of our time up there. ^^

Now back to work... =.=

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