Monday, October 12, 2009

french 101 part 2: numero?

well I have been super busy this past few months as the semester is coming to an end.

Last tuesday night in french 101, we were learning numbers.
*classmates tired and trying to be as enthusiastic as possible*


0 = zero (zehro)
1 = Un/une (pronounce as ughn)
2 = deux (pronounce as the)
3 = trois (pronounce as tuar)
4 = quatre (katr)
5 = cinq (sughn)
6 = six (sis)
7 = sept (set)
8 = huit (uit)
9 = neuf (nervf)
10 = dix (dis)

everyone woke up when it came to the number 11. why you say?
Well let me ask you how would you translate the number 11 referring to the table written above?

This is how my classmate Roydy translates numero 11...
to him its Un un (ughn ughn in a "no no" gesture)

*everyone just fell out of their chair laughing*

so Mr.Chia our lecturer says if you do that I'll give u a big "un un" with a ZERO!
*Mr. Chia with a big exclamation laugh*

Well in order for u to learn a language better all we need is a little humor to it and we will remember it the rest of our lives... Lol

by the way number 11 is translated as NUMERO ONZE!!

back to my studies now.... tired....

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