Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Missing in Action

Now where shall I begin?
The last I blogged was nearly a year ago.

No, I didn't loose my inspiration.
It's just that lots of life changing events had happened the past year.
I had a fair share of sweet and bitter moments.
Not to mention that I'm a full time early childhood educator and studying at the same time. I have been a busy bee!
But, I guess now it's a much smoother ride with an occasional roller coaster ride that keeps life interesting.

What's new about me?
Tons! I have grown... and NOT in SIZE... XD
But, the way I think and the perspective I have for life.
My mind is simple and yet sophisticated.
And, I'm ever changing for the better.

So stay tuned... I have a life to share! :)

Anne Marie

1 comment:

sully86 said...

welcome back...was wondering where u were