Thursday, August 6, 2009

French 101... Lol

Well last tuesday it was week 2 class of french 101...
So we were given a task to create a short simple dialog on what we have learned and to present it in front of the class.

When it was Fatin's and Syafiq's turn, their dialog sounded like this...

Fatin: Bonsoir! Comment allez vous?
(Good Evening, How are you?)
Syafiq: Bonsoir! Ja vai ca va. Merci Et vous?
(Good evening, I am fine. Thank you. And you?)
Fatin: Ja vai tre bien. Vous vous appellez comment?
(I am very well. What is you name?)

[while all of us was listening so attentively and the silence broke when...]

Syafiq: HUH??? APA DIA???? *looking confused*

out of blurness he spontaneously spoke back in Malay! and syafiq didn't realize it till we told him. LoL



curryegg said...

Hello girl.. you're taking French too? So coincident, I take it this semester.. ;)

Ca va?
Haha.. me still haven't mastered the basic yet. Shall learn from you.. ^^

anne marie isabelle said...

Ca va bein! et vous?

OOo I have someone to practice with me ady! heeheehee...

Well language is part of my uni curriculum.

vialentino said...

i need to learn mandarin...before i wanna enroll other language classes...

anne marie isabelle said...

via... get someone to practice with you in the office loh... ^^