Wednesday, August 5, 2009

It just doesn't make sense! It doesn't seem right on Gary's death!

It just doesn't make sense how Gary died due to dehydration.
It just doesn't seem right.

It is said by the Shah Alam mayor that Gary has received the best treatment possible from the civil defense department when he collapse. Well IF IT DID HAPPEN HE WOULDN'T HAVE ENDED UP DEAD. If he was going to leave the medic camp they should have stopped him knowing that he's not well enough to leave. Clearly he wasn't well enough to even move unless someone carried him.

And if it is dehydration, he would have shown signs when he collapsed and I'M SURE measure would have been taken to keep him hydrated IF HE WAS GIVEN MEDICAL CARE.

It is clear that he collapsed at the finishing line and to end up at a waste dump site at the basement tunnel of the stadium is just ridiculous! The medic camp and the waste dump site is clearly stated isn't near at all. IF HE WAS WELL ENOUGH TO LEAVE THE MEDIC CAMP.
The first thing a normal person would do is to get to their friends first and to get their belongings. Its common sense.
How can he actually wonder off? Who actually saw him wondering off?

Does the plot seem right to you?

Here are some articles from the Malay mail on Gary's death.


Anonymous said...

seriously. this is total bull! it doesnt make sense at all!!! "best treatment possible from the civil defense department" MY ASS! theres something not right about what happened! im so angry i simply cant accept this.

curryegg said...

Till now, I still can't accept the reason of his death. My friends went to the tunnel and it wasn't a short distance. Real deep, dark and filthy. Impossible for a tired boy entered that place while his friends still waiting him at the parking lot.

When you know the real story, those news in the media just sound so ridiculous. They don't even bother to make further investigation.

Anyway, he is now with God now. May his soul rest in peace..