Monday, December 7, 2009

My first E & R

hey hey people... as you all know that I haven't been updating my blog recently because I have been super busy since my degree semester started here's a few updates in uni. ^^


I have changed my major instrument from classical piano to classical vocal! Yes I sing too! ^^

For those of you who missed it here is a couple of pictures, It's ok that you couldn't come for the recital because there will be another one soon.

For those who came thank you so much for your support and do come again for the next one! ^^

Here are a couple of pictures...

Here are some of the vocalist who sang including me on the 3rd from the left

This is me during performance


While I was busy singing I was busy drawing and painting as well for my first art exhibition along side my other course mates! All of this is done in a 16 weeks art crash course.

Here are my works ^^

Here is my still life charcoal sketch

here's my watercolour piece... not very good at it though

on the left is my mix media piece and
on the right my first masterpiece I call it Beethoven's Symphony No 5

p/s: Special Thanks to Kelly Tan a.k.a Curry Egg for coming to see the exhibition. ^^

A view from above on the show cases.

p/s: special thanks to my sayang tanyeehou for being there for me.
muax. love love!

And this is how my first semester ended.
*feels proud of accomplishments*

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