Thursday, December 10, 2009

Singapore 2009

This is a back dated post from October sorry for the late updates. I have been so busy with uni. So Sorry!

As you guys know every year I'll go down south to Singapore to visit my sister and my niece. This year the trip was different. I went down with my beloved boyfriend and a big bunch of nuffnangers from the Asia Pacific Region.

Why so many people?

Well bloggers from all over that region were attending the 1st Nuffnang Asia Pacific Blog Awards. As you know by now it was an event to remember.

Bloggers were the stars of the night! and I too felt like a star! ^^

Here are my moments on camera:-

My Protégé Ms Zoe Yve and Me

Zachary Wong and Me
We were each other's replacement dates while our bf's were working that night.

And finally the one and only
Tan Yee Hou a.k.a the beloved boyfriend

All Thanks to Nuffnang for everything! ^^


And not to forget I family. Of course I dropped by and visit them. It was a short one but nonetheless great. My baby niece is so big and cheekier than ever and we will be expecting an addition to my little family too... well not so little anymore but all happy news! YAY! ^^

Here's my cheeky baby niece and growing!

From this...

To this...
and now I'm missing Singapore already!

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