Sunday, August 12, 2007


Well friday night I went out with Derek haven't seen him in awhile so we caught a movie... watched The Simpsons... It was okay only... nothing much to scream about...
after that we went shopping for Jay's birthday present [Derek's cousin]
Then later Derek asked me whether I wanted to go clubbing at LUNA... well YES of course... wanted to go there for quite sometime.
Well we met up with a few of his friends Allan and Nicholas and what do you know Mr. Derek decided to be a smarty pants by wearing shorts... no corrected 3/4 pants *teases Derek* and when we got to the entrance of LUNA... he got stopped even though DJ Nicky his friend got a us in because he was wearing SHORTS...
SO NEARLY the Whole night we were on a quest to find Derek a long pants.
Well we decided to quit LUNA and go to Poppy Garden instead... while on the way calling Derek's friend Celine. The same situation happened at Poppy Derek got stopped again for his shorts it was getting frustrating but luckily Celine and Madie came to the rescue with an extra long pants. and YEAH! we got in...
Poppy was nice... Met hold new bunch of people [Derek's and Celine's friends]
had fun dancing and drinking... Stress relief...
THANK YOU Derek for bringing me along
well after Poppy's headed for Mamak for a drink
then went home and reached around 430am
Thanks Allan for sending me home It's nice knowing you *wink*
=sorry no pictures too=

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