Sunday, August 19, 2007


oh well oh well... it has been a very hectic week...
It's my final year of my course... yes yes graduating soon...
BUT I hit the wall when I got my new class schedule... IT'S So PACKED and TIGHT
This is even worst than last time.

Just Imagine my Monday schedule goes like this...
11am-1pm = music business
1pm-3pm = ear training
3pm-5pm = performance seminar
in between 3pm-5pm class with my project lecturer 3:30pm-4pm
then 6pm-8pm = harmony
NO TIME FOR LUNCH or BREAK only got time for dinner
& F.Y.I I didn't plan my schedule this way

other day schedule is just like CRAP

oh well I had even more fun at MAK YUNG class than BANGSAWAN
at least it's more lively and more challenging dance moves XD
will update with pictures soon ^-^

oh for Ghazal class I'll be singing traditional Malay songs
New challenge for Moi.... XP

WELL FRIDAY NIGHT... woo hoo the only day I could have fun
Went out with Allan and Derek... chit chat at dinner... lot's of laughs
we caught a movie after dinner
"Evan Almighty"
The Movie it's just So So... Nothing Much to scream about

anyways Allan and Me were more amused with the guy sitting next to Derek
The "guy" came in late with his friend and the first thing we noticed that the guy was carrying a big doggy soft toy...
and Allan went "I want a soft toy to Hug"
I was like "huh??"
Then when the "guy" sat down at first we thought he was carrying it for his girl friend or something...
He started to kiss and hug the dog... We were like right... that's so wrong
and in between the movie where the lead character of the movie triumphs... he started clapping, talking back to the movie and screaming... Yeah!! like a 5 year old kids see ultraman wind a battle or something and coincidentally before we watched the movie Allan was telling us his experience in the cinema when he was watching allien vs predator... there's this 2 girls doing the same things... he was like "WTF"
but it was really amusing and annoying at the same time...
anyways it was stress relief to spend time with them...
Thanks for the invite Allan
*winks* ^-^

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