Saturday, September 8, 2007

The Brainteaser test

Just taking a break from work so did a brainteaser on tickle...
RESULTS are... well pretty shocking for me...

Anne Marie, the number of questions you scored correctly is: 23/30

As we've noted, your score is in the 91 percentile of people who took this Brainteaser test.

Linguistic-mathematical Ability. You scored in the 96th percentile in linguistic-mathematical ability.

Your score on this scale indicates that your linguistic-mathematical ability is very strong. You're able to take realistic problems and apply mathematics to solve them. It is not as easy to apply this ability well as it is to apply others. You probably already use this combination to your advantage — by using math to help you understand problems that are described in words only


Pattern Recognition Ability. You scored in the 91st percentile in pattern recognition ability

Your score on this scale indicates that you're highly capable of solving pattern recognition problems. Often, you may find yourself saying to others, "Have you ever noticed that..." followed by a pattern you had observed. For example, you might say, "Have you ever noticed that most cars approaching the toll booths gravitate to the right?" because you're able to identify a pattern immediately, while others might not have even picked up on it.Given that you have this ability to a stronger degree than most people, you may find it's frustrating when people do not understand what you're trying to articulate or they do not think it's significant.


Logical Ability. You scored in the 83rd percentile in logical ability.

Your score indicates that you have a strong logical mind and are able to apply logic to determine when something isn't making sense and how you can correct that. When situations are confusing — usually because they are eliciting multiple emotions or reactions from people simultaneously — you, however, are able to apply logic to clarify things. When it counts, you're able to be rational and find the truth in the situation.


Quantitative Ability. You scored in the 78th percentile in quantitative ability.

Your score on this scale indicates that you're unusually skilled at solving quantitative problems. Sometimes this comes out in ways you might not expect, such as the ability to see visual patterns in numbers or recognize when one object is unlike others around it. But, as you might imagine, having quantitative ability also means having the ability to keep track of things in their proper order to discern what is going on.However, because you have such strong quantitative ability, you may be tempted to rush through easy numerical calculations, and you may make minor addition and subtraction mistakes because you're racing to get to the end. You may also judge something as "simple" that isn't simple to most people. This has the potential to make you a little complacent which can lead you to make those small mistakes.


Visual-spatial Ability. You scored in the 70th percentile in visual-spatial ability.

Your score on this scale indicates that you have moderately strong visual-spatial ability. Under most circumstances, you're able to take an ordinary problem and can visualize an answer to it, even if the means to get to the answer are not readily available at the time. When necessary, you can be a "big picture" thinker. However, at other times, you may be more inclined to focus on the details and not see the forest for the trees. This can be a good thing if you know when to look at things from a macro perspective and when to look at them from a micro perspective. Striking this balance can be your key to understanding the world or figuring out a solution to any given problem.


wow... I learned so much bout myself... take the test yourself and find out...

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