Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Sick Again


This time... I Lost my voice, I Have a terrible soar throat,
My throat itches and it swells... my body aches, I Have a cold and a fever.


Well lets examine my pills that I need to take....
4 different pills for 7 different reasons...

well lets start of with the biggest packet. That's the antibiotic. It looks like "rubber" =_="
The yellow tablet is for body aches and fever.
The blue tablet that looks like a flower below the yellow tablet is for my throat. For swells and cough.
and the small white tablet down bellow is for allergy and itch.
And, look here what I have found when I open the antibiotic.
I found my initials on it... A. M. C.

Okay... This is kind of freaky and weird. But, some way cool. Hahaha... something to show of to DEREK since he has a street named after him... I have an antibiotic tablet named after me. XD wakakaka... *blek* XP


Dark-Templar said...

I hope that you'll get better soon.

You may not notice who i am with this nick... well, i am the guy who played Utopia with you, just saw your blog url on msn...

If you still don't know :x ... i am your portuguese friend on HI5 (Luis)

Take care, i will come back to read more from you

anne marie isabelle said...

hehe... of course I rmb u luis... anyways I notice peoples nicks as well...