Friday, September 21, 2007

A week's Update

Well I'm busy as usual.
Sorry Andy I know I keep saying that word to you every time you call but at least I still spend time talking to you ^-^

Anyways lets start with the last weekend... SUNDAY
Oh well I attended a fund raising carnival in church. Lots of food, I bought like 6 chocolate brownies each worth RM3... IT TASTE SO GOOD.

Then later we had a dunking machine. and Guess who we put up there??? Our very new youth leader Carl Raj. oh well each ball is worth RM1 to get him into the water and lucky me when I donated 5 bucks to get him in I struck with the first throw.

Sorry Carl didn't mean to aim at YOU at the second throw. XP
Anyways as you can see Carl is on the Dunking Machine.

Well my God brothers all had a shot at him well actually more like 10 shots.

Well the rest of the weekdays I spend it day and night in Uni doing my work.
I took some pictures of sunset at my uni and also the night lights.

This is Aswara at dark and sunset.

Was jamming with Jun and Reza on Monday. Jun is my flute and vocal accompanist on the piano. Reza is our batch's JOHN LENNON... fantastic guitar player... a recording artist... a whole lot of attitude issues...

Reza showing off his skills & me camwhoring. Below is Jun Playing the piano.

On Wednesday evening, Allan calls when I was having my piano class =_=" He wanted to know where "Mini Genting" was so I had to call my girl Janet to show the directions.
So we drove up and it was a breath taking sight. Too bad it wasn't at night if not the KL lights would look so beautiful.

This is the look Out point

While driving back Allan and Me couldn't believe what we saw.
A PowerPuff Girl Car and the driver was a MAN!!!! inside the car was filled with girls stuff... SO WEIRD!!!!

And Finally yesterday when to uncle Roland's house for a gathering.
uncle Roland open a bottle of Bailey's and Sheridan's Coffee Layered Liquor

it taste so good and smooth...

And this is the latest picture of me in uni.


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