Tuesday, January 20, 2009

For One day life decided to have a laugh at me

Life decided to just have a laugh at me for one day... yesterday!
It all started in the morning. I was so happy to get to uni for my piano class.
As I reached the studio where my class was, happily prancing through the door
and GUESS WHAT???!!!

I forgot my music scores. I was like laughing at myself for being blur.
So I couldn't have a class because there's no scores for me to play and show my lecturer.
Then I decided to run some errands. I needed to photocopy music scores for my musicians, so they could practise. When with was my turn to use the photocopy machine
and GUESS WHAT???!!

The machine decided to not work for me. I was checking the machine what went wrong.
So I gave up and went to the library reception to ask for assistance.
When I got there I actually found out what was the problem.
I was like so ashamed of being blur and called for assistance and had to apologise to the librarian.
And I laughed at myself AGAIN.

After that I decided to do my work for awhile. While waiting for my class with my FYP supervisor at 2pm. I took out my laptop and GUESS WHAT???!!!

I forgot to install back my laptop battery back in my laptop and I laughed at myself telling myself its OK Lucky I brought my power cable. So I had to walk all the way up to the 6th floor of the library to get a plug in and use it without interference. And, was thinking to myself 3 times of blur-ness for a day should be OK already. Don't think I'll be blur again.

While I was so enthusiastically doing my work, I forgot the time. I decided to take a break and head to the washroom which was 6th floors down and all the way to the next building near the studio that was the closest. And I ran into my uni mates and all of a sudden it hit me that I ACTUALLY FORGOT I HAD A CLASS AT 2PM!!! and its already 3PM...

I was like OMG!!! blur again! I had to make like an apology call to my supervisor. saying I'm sorry. and she was laughing at me... and again I was laughing at myself for being blur but it was getting annoying already.

oh well I can't do anything since my supervisor had left already so I have to wait till 7pm then catch a train to meet up with my childhood friend for the nuffnang movie premiere. At exactly, 5:30pm plus. My friend told me online saying he can't make it. He has OT work. I was like WHAT????!!!
Because the movie finished late and he was my transport home since he staying like near my house.
I was like OMG... what am I going to do??? if I don't go nuffnang will banned me for life from invites to any events because I didn't tell them that I couldn't make it in advance a few days, and If I went I would risk not getting home at all because the location is at Cineleisure and its like super far from Cheras and getting a cab at an late hour??? DILEMMA!

well then I saw Nigel online and pleaded my dilemma... He's a life saviour he said he could pick me up from the Kelana Jaya station to get to cineleisure and then send me home when it was finished. SAVED!!! THANKS SO MUCH NIGEL.

Now it was 6pm plus, I'm suppose to meet Nigel at Kelana Jaya station at 7:45pm.
and guess what happens???!!!
One of my musician decides to show up last minute asking me to wait so I can pass the score since he'll be off to Terengganu the next day. LAST MINUTE.
I had no choice but to wait which took him like 1 hour 20 mins before getting to uni. And he said, I'm on my way already will be there in 20mins. He forgot there's a MASSIVE JAM.
so lucky he decided to drop me at the star lrt so I can get to Masjid Jamek. By the time he sent me there it was already 720pm. I was so going to be late. I had like 25mins to get to Kelana Jaya.

Half way in the putra train at KL sentral one of the door decided not to open and this foreigners decided to take matters in their own hands to open the door with their bare hands and resulted the door only opened an inch and the train got a little stuck! =.=

I was like thinking through my head. WHAT IS GOING ON TODAY???!!!
but the train decided to move anyways despite the door is actually and inch opened all the way to Kelana Jaya.

When I reached there I was sprinting with my books, scores and laptops to the bus stop because it was 8pm and I couldn't get through Nigel's phone. Conveniently his phone was on silent mode.
Nigel wasn't there at the bus stop yet. I had no idea where he was or whether he has left.
Only thing I could do was kept calling and wait.

Then called Jeffrey and told him what was going on and was asking for Nigel's number. I was worried that I have the wrong number with me. Jeff brought me a little luck [Hugs... Thanks Sayang] and finally Nigel responded that he and Kel Li was stuck in a jam at the LDP.

So I waited like an hour. By the time Nigel and Kel Li got to me it was already 9pm. We had like 15 min to get to Cineleisure to get the tickets if not the counter will be closed and it was JAMMED. Jeff made a call to Robb telling that we are stuck in a jam and to hold the tickets for awhile. While Nigel made a call to David to collect it for us. With Kel Li's speedy driving and we took the back road we manage to get there 5 mins before 9:15pm. We didn't have to worry about the tickets just needed to worry bout our stomachs because we got stuck in the jam none of us had dinner. Headed to MacD's and grab a quick bite and rushed to the cinema. The show was at 930pm

By the time the show finished about 1130pm, I had one last round of mishap. My train and bus pass for a month went missing from my pocket. I realised it when I was nearly out of the Cinema already and I asked the gang., "Did you guys see any bus pass on the floor while you guy were walking out?" Every was like no. instantly I had to run back to the hall which the doors were already closed, lucky that there was a guy still on duty and came to my assistant and I found my pass. It's like worth Rm 135 of public transport for the whole month! I lose it I'm going to be so broke and mom will be scolding me upside down inside out.

And started off with a good supper and yam cha session with a bunch of good company and friends.

Now I'm wondering how did I manage to keep a smile on my face after this.
hmm I guess the thought of Jeffrey wouldn't allow me to sigh at all and good friends to help out in time off need.
*PHEW* What a day!

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