Saturday, January 3, 2009

Greeting 2009

22 Years of my life, this is the first time I'm out to greet the new year.
I spent it with  a bunch of great company (you know who you peeps are) at Aaron's Double Celebration Party.
It's a double celebration because it was his birthday on New Years Eve.

Thanks for the invitation Aaron! Hugs XD

Jeff and Me (before the party)

Well everyone at the party greeted the new year with Smiles and Laughters.
Here are some pictures of the party...

Mr. Domokun (the DJ for the night) XD

Mini domo... making sure we don't cheat at the games XD

The thumb on the head rule. You don't do it You DRINK!


Randomness from APIIT-ians

The Pengacau's

Sober bloggers??? Or Not...

Well guess NOT!... haha

The birthday boy, Aaron and Sheng Mae... O.D-ed and K.O-ed

What my new year resolution??... well here it is...

I'm going to be a BETTER ME than last year! XD


Simon Seow said...

Hmm... nowadays ppl seems to like to drink Absolut at party.

anne marie isabelle said...

well we drank absolut, black label, chivas, bicardi and beer(but tak sempat minum) XD