Saturday, January 17, 2009

Last Sunday @ KLCC

Well last Sunday I went to KLCC after lunch with mom to the star education fair to get some info and we ended up shopping XD

After browsing through the entire education fair, we went to Guardian to get some stuff and to fill up those paddington bear points and finally I've gotten my PADDINGTON BEAR IN A YELLOW RAIN COAT. *GIGGLES* XD

After that we went roaming around looking what's new at KLCC.
Then it was already close to dinner time mom and me was thinking what to eat.
First we thought of heading to Isetan to get some groceries and go home and cook.
But after that we had a second thought because we were already tired, hungry and resulted that we were lazy to cook. XD
So mom had this fabulous idea. She wanted sushi. So we headed to SAKAE SUSHI.

now there's an interactive screen to order your sushi. the busy kitchen.

mom waiting for the sashimi to come.
Here it is... ^^

Happy mom eating and smiling with her mouth full. XD
Me and mom's personal favourite. mango wrapped with crab roe and soft crab. ^^
Soft Crab Frap. ^^ Nice and crunchy.
the presentation looks so nice even though its only salmon wrapped in rice it taste good ^^
After eating a whole lot. My dessert. Rice flour balls each colour has a different flavour inside.
This is the amount of food we had.
After dinner, we were heading home by LRT and we caught sight of 2 ladies dressed in Chinese costume giving out some small packets from her basket. IT'S A FORTUNE COOKIE. XD
Mom couldn't resist she had to cam-whore as well.

Then while walking towards the LRT station. We stopped by at PDI for some shopping. Since it was a sale and I came out with 8 tops. XD

When we got home since there's only ONE fortune cookie mom and I decided to break it together.

And it says

You are next in line for promotion in your firm. Given with a lucky number 5118.
Well the promotion thing is not going to work because mom is the boss and I'm not working. =.=
Well guess me go buy number then. XD

Me signing off ^^ TIRED!


Jeffro said...

PALLINGTOON DOG!!! hahahahahhaaha

anne marie isabelle said...

yea.. come to look at it... it does look like a dog and not at all like a paddington bear. =.=