Saturday, November 8, 2008

5 Tonnes of Rice Used for Ranggoli???

I found this in The Star News Yesterday and I find it sad :(

The headers says

Yes its a tradition for our Indian friends to have the floor art using rice.
BUT 5 TONNES OF RICE???!!!!! For a colourful caperted 1,217 sq m????
Just to set a record????
To my opinion is sad and disturbing. Why???

1st the world says we have a shortage of rice!
2nd there are people starving in this world. Children who are HUNGRY and DYING!!!

And coming from the consort of the Tunku Mahkota of Johor, who is in the Malaysia Red Cresent Society national commitee for community services. I am just stunned.

I'M NOT AGAINTS culture or art.
BUT 5 TONNES of broken RICE???

Think how many people you can feed!!!!

Note: the price for 1kilo of broken rice is RM2.50 and its used to make porridge.

Why not for this season instead using rice for art do some charity in this festival of light! Feed the Hungry!!! and I'm sure God will bless you with abundance.

yes its a beautiful sight to behold

Not for the POOR and the HUNGRY :(

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