Tuesday, November 11, 2008

rants of betrayal from a person

Today I have been hearing rants of betrayal from a person...
I want to give my support and comfort but I just can't because the person did not learn their lesson... or they just don't get what went wrong by trusting the same person again...

note: the same thing happen to the same person and was betrayed by the same idiot!

This time I gave that person a piece of my mind.

"Your not stupid yet your ignorant of what has actually happened before? and you let that happen to you AGAIN?"

"I'm not angry at the idiot who did this to you. I'm angry at YOU because You let the same idiot do the same thing to you again!"

"I wouldn't be a friend if I was actually saying sweet comfort words to you. I said that because I want to knock some sense into your head so it won't happen for the 3rd time!"

After that I have been called a b**ch... and saying that I'm on the idiot's side...
Now how blind can one person get. Just because some idiot comes prancing along with sweet words you trust that person again. And, when someone is trying to knock some senses into you... you called them a b**ch. Can't even tell from a friend or a foe!

To that person.... (I know your reading my blog)
Well I'm sorry that I had to be harsh but the world is not a bed of roses.
Heck even roses have thorns.
Your so use to getting the things you want all the time but the real world doesn't work that way.
I said what I have to say. If you don't accept them is fine with me but know that those privileges will never come again for those words you said to me.
Do take care of yourself.
I leave you this quote, hope you understand what I was trying to say and do...

'If someone betrays you once, it's their fault; if they betray you twice its your fault.'
-Eleanor Roosevelt-

And also to those who have experience the same betrayal situation and your friend was harsh in this manner... They mean good and they care about you!!


Jeffro said...

*pats back* chill chill..
They'll soon understand our good intentions.. till then, we did our best.. now we can only hope that they know what they're doing..

anne marie isabelle said...

*hugs* oh well....

Jus have to hope for the best loh ^^