Thursday, November 13, 2008

nuffnang sharing session @ italianniese, the garden

Well this is my first sharing session with nuffnangers @ Italianniese, The Garden.
And boy I had a great time because there was great company...
By the end of the session I was O.D. with food; and O.D. smiles and laughter.
It was a cold and rainy day.
Jeffrey and I met up earlier we went jalan-jalan around midvalley

me and jeffrey *what's with the cheeky smile? dear lol* I look so tembam :P

then around 7pm+ things started to heat up as the nuffy gang who got invited met up.

Entering Italiannies photo courtesy of Bryan

We entered Italiannies, its a nice eating atmosphere, rustic and cozy surroundings; and with semi classical music as the ambiance.
The view from the private room

rustic and cozy atmosphere

But that didn't stop nuffnangers to be their cheerful, spontaneous and charismatic selves.
While waiting for the rest to get in... cam whoring started everywhere through out the whole session... nothing was spared! everything got snapped believe me by the end of the session I felt like a superstar because I was seeing stars everywhere.

KY and Jeffrey playing with their TOYS!

running away from the paparazzi

ok! I'm staying still! XD

as I said things on the table also not spared from being snapped ...anyways the bread was DELICIOUS! ^^

We had speech from robb and KY. Then a lil informal ice-breakers among ourselves.

Ice breaking.. the Yap brothers
And, what else... Food came floating in...
For the appetizers we had the Quattro Platter and California Shrimp Salad.

The Quattro Platter

California Shrimp Salad

Then the main course... none other than the Bowls of Pasta (which consist of like 10 different types of pasta), Sicillian Pizza and Italiannies Lamb Shank.

The Sicillian Pizza

Some of the Bowls of Pasta

The italiannies lamb shank

The War of the Lamb Shanks
having so much fun Simon and Jeffrey forgot their table manners XD

People with their table manners XD

For desserts we had the Italiannies chocolate & hazelnut cake.


In between we had small talks among ourselves. Nice chatting and meeting you peeps!

got to meet the famous curryegg blogger ms. Kelly

Rui a.k.a paris hilton from the nuffnang Halloween party

At the end we had a group photograph.

Big Thanks To The Nuffnang Crew...
Thanks for the invite and you guys did a great job! ^^ Cheers!!!

The photo album will be posted soon ^^


curryegg said...

Hey dear!
I'm really glad to meet you and I love chatting with you. Especially about music and foooooooooooood.... hahaha.... Looking forward to meet you again.. :D


curryegg said...

Btw, I'm not famous la... Feel so paisheh... :(

anne marie isabelle said...

hahahha well to bloggers u are mah ^^...
it was nice getting to know u too... ^^


Simon Seow said...

That's the way to enjoy food mah. LOL.

Wingz said...

harroowww say spaghetti!

anne marie isabelle said...

@simon yea yea... with the whole lamb bone in ur mouth...

@wingz... hahaha Speghtetti... thanks for dropping by ^^

Celine said...

Wow. That's a lot of food! :D Was it for one person or you guys shared among each other?

anne marie isabelle said...

We shared celine... tat also so much for us XP