Monday, November 24, 2008


Sunday... 3am

It was a cool, quiet night. Everyone was sleeping. Till BAM... BANG...BAM...
*the sound of cars getting hit badly* the cracking and banging noises woke the whole neighbourhood.
From a quiet sleepy neighbourhood to like... WTH is going on!!! OIhhh!!! Jangan Lari and people started to come out to see whats going on.
The reason is one car crashes into 7 cars... and the guy who was driving is a policeman...


They are suppose to keep the peace and this happens... I guess SH** happens to everyone
Well it was dark I couldn't take any pictures and I watched from my balcony
Let me explain how 1 car can crash into 7 cars...

OBSERVE THE WIRA aka the hero of the scene (dirty green box) coming in on the Right

The TIRED Driver was coming in smoothly till bang... he hits car number 1 then trying to get out he hits car number 2. He manages to turn out but moving again he hits car number 3 really bad until car number 3 actually hits car number 4 and car number 4 hits car number 5. After hitting only he decides to reverse and manage to go straight for a few row of cars and he hits car number 6 a little bit then crashes into car number 7 and parks at the end of the lane.

The after math

Car number 1 (satria)the front skirt came off, front lights shattered and scratches.

Car number 2 (wajar)similar to car number 1 but the engine got hit a little bit and the alarm couldn't go off.

Car number 3 (avanza) similar to car number 1 but both sides got hit really bad (dents)

Car number 4 (Iswara) similar to car number 3

Car number 5 (wira) slight dent on the left sides.

Car number 6 (4x4 car not sure of the brand) got slight dent and scratches.

Car number 7 (kancil) the front got hit so bad that the front glass shattered and the engine well nicely put it... gone to heaven.

THE WIRA (THE HERO of the scene) who did all this surprisingly survived with ill effects... =.="

The moral of the story is... If your dead tired take a TAXI! Just because you want to save money and for the sake of convenience you have actually caused the entire neighbourhood inconvenience and you actually have to pay for all the damages.

Man your seriously lack of common sense!

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