Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Getting localised - Istanbul - Day 1 - Part 1

On the first day of adventure in Istanbul, Me and mom, like any experienced traveller would get ourselves localised. So as soon after we checked in and had our breakfast we explored around where ever our feet could take us to.

Mom walking around

Our first stop... unfortunately I don't remember the name of the mosque

The Outer and inner surroundings of the mosque

Then walking around

Mom Happy!

This is the story of a conman cobbler...

While walking through the city, this cobbler dropped his shoe shine brush. So mom picked it up and in return the cobbler wanted to shine mom's shoe for free. We didn't want the service but he insisted and giving his smile of gratitude mom agreed. So while he was shinning mom's shoes he was being polite and asking where did we come from etc etc...
The after that he started with his sad story which he has 3 children to feed. It's the exact story wikitravel warned about which I read to mom about it. Mom already noticed that she got trapped thinking it was free but for his service mom gave him 5 lira. The cobbler demanded 45 lira's for each shoe! WHICH IS TOTAL DAYLIGHT ROBBERY! Mom and I just walked away then and ignore him. One lesson learned for the first day.
And in Istanbul if someone approaches you to help you without asking meaning they have a hidden agenda! Don't be fooled by their smiles!

Well despite the conman cobbler incident it didn't ruin me and mom's spirit to explore more.
When we got familiar with our surrounding's we took the tram to the Old city- Sultanahmet from Aksaraj.

Everything looks the same from the outside of the buildings especially the mosque. Outer architectural design nearly looks the same for every mosque I see. But when we visit the mosque's inside it's a whole different story! Every single monument has something different to offer. And believe me, all you'll do is look up inside the monument with awe! The detailing that people from the ancient times put in for something that they are so passionate about. Glorious Art!

Up next Day 1- Part 2 - The Hagia Sophia
Stay tuned! ^^

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