Sunday, July 26, 2009

The Princes' Islands - Istanbul - Day 3

On the 3rd day of my Istanbul adventure, me and mom took a day tour to the Princes' Islands.

Well you all must be wondering why is it called the Princes' Islands! Well its because during the Byzantine and early Ottoman period, members of the dynasties who fell out of favour were sent to exile there. Until late 19Th century, when regular steamer transportation showed up in the seas around Istanbul, these islands were considered remote and far-away places. Apart from the exiled princes, only a handful of monks found these islands inhabitable then, a fact which gives the islands their former name in Turkish: Keşiş Adaları (“Islands of the Monks”).

Princes’ Islands consist of four major and five minor islands. Me and mom visited the largest island which is Büyükada.

The day started off at the pick up point in the old city sultanahmet.
While we were waiting mom and me strolled along a small bazaar and got some sourveniers.

Mom made friends with the shop owner.

After that our journey began all the way to Büyükada island.
As you can see from this 100 year old map!
It's a very charming island with European architectural style.

Fish is food priority here...
Good Stuff but make sure to ask for the price of each type of fish before you order or else you'll be wondering why is the bill SO EXPENSIVE!

I find that Istanbul is very rich in fruits as well...
They even have 3 types of raspberry! Apparently the white one is sweeter.

This is where it all begins at the Clock Tower its at the center of the town.

We dropped by at the church of St. Francis of Assisi on the Island. Unfortunately we are not allowed to take photos inside the church. But from the outside it doesn't seem much but when you enter it the interior is in gold and heavily ornamented.

The kids from sunday school. So innocent!

The island is filled with charming houses. It's like those you see in the movies.

So is the interior. I couldn't help myself I love big mirrors.

Me and mom at the indoor fountain of a famous hotel.
Apparently one of the Ottoman's sultan use to dance around this place with a maiden.

The best way to see the island is to take a phaeton ride.
Just get on one and enjoy the scenary!

Me and mom on the phaeton ride.

This is our tour guide for the day. Mr. Emu, I got him to pose for me with the old school elevator. He's an anthropologist and speak 6 or 8 different languages. It was a most educational / relaxed / fun trip ^^

And last but not least all of us during Lunch!

Next stop Bosphorus and the Dolmabache Palace- Day 4. ^^
Stay Tuned.

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