Friday, July 17, 2009

The Great Bursa - Outside Istanbul - Day 2 - Part 1

Day 2 in Istanbul, Mom and me decided to take a day tour outside of Istanbul.
We went to Bursa which is the first major capital city of the Ottoman Empire. It was famous for being the largest center of silk trading and also famous for their therapeutic thermal baths.

Our journey started with a coach ride across the Bosphorus Bridge to the Asian Side of Istanbul then took the ferry down to Yalova. While enjoying the country side view we drove to Bursa. It was quite a journey to Bursa. It took us about nearly 3 hours to get into the city of Bursa.

On the way to Galata

The Bosphorus Bridge to cross over to the Asian continent.
Taken from inside the coach.

And then we boarded the ferry crossing over to Yalova
It was a fine day, The Turkish flag flying proudly

Joining us on the ferry ride was a winged friend which accompanied us all the way to Yalova and back.

As soon as we reached Bursa we went on a cable car ride up to Uludağ mountain, also known to be one of the Mount Olympus because it is said that the ancient greek gods watched the Trojan war from this mountain and it is closest to Troy (Hisarlik). It is also the highest peak of the Mamara Region at 2,543m above sea level.

On the cable car going up the mountain.
As you can see Bursa is surrounded by greens.
The city is frequently cited as "Yeşil Bursa" meaning Green Bursa in a reference to the beautiful parks and gardens located across its urban tissue and as well as to the vast forest surrounding the region.

This is a view of Bursa from the hills of Mount Uludag.
Breath taking.

At the first stop of the cable car is a valley where Pony rides are available around the valley. It is also a picnic spot.

After coming down from Mount Uludag we went to have lunch at Restaurant Hunkar. We had a 3 course meal which consist of Soup and Greek Salad; Iskander Kebab (Kebab of Alexander the Great); and creme caramel.

The restaurant has a really nice rustic ambiance to it.

Mom enjoying the ambiance. :D

The appetizer for lunch...
but my breakfast looks like this everyday

This is the famous Iskander Kebab.
It doesn't look much but its pure yummi-ness!
Its bread(at the bottom) covered with meat served with sliced tomatoes, yogurt and butter sauce!
Yes I know what you're thinking... the calories!!!
And when I got back I put on 5 Kg despite of all the walking around exploring!

Newly made friends!
Indian family from London & Bosnian family from Canada!

Up next Yesil Cami (green mosque), UluCami (Grand Mosque), the restored Ottoman Period Houses & The old silk Market in the covered bazaar.

Stay Tuned ^^


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