Thursday, July 5, 2007

Petaling Street

Petaling Street... Malaysia's China Town...
ah... *flash backs* good ol' memories

I haven't been to petaling street for a long time...
changed so much since I went there...

well I usually pass by the street but never went in.
When and met mom for dinner.
so we went to the old "BAK KUT TEH" stall near petaling street

as u can see the stall is situated in an alley which in the morning it's a morning market.
Mom use to bring us (me and sis) when we were younger...
and it still taste as good as last time

the "BAK KUT TEH" stall

the food we had... GOOD FOOD...XD

Then after dinner we go jalan-jalan a bit around petaling street...

one of the entrance "the gate of petaling street"

there's a roof now... for the whole street

stalls at the sides and the people

roasting nuts machine is still around...hahaha

at the crossroad of petaling street... The busies part

the flower lane... this is where you can get your flowers...
plenty of florist... I bought 2 dozens of pink roses and cost me only RM12
well during off season only... XD

well you can basically find anything local at petaling street...
and great food too...

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