Monday, July 16, 2007


After a long waited vacation I FINALLY landed on TIOMAN!!! Woo Hoo... SUN, SEA, BEACH and PEOPLE XD... Anyways the Journey goes... took a bus from Puduraya at 11pm and reach Mersing Jetty at 420 am [the driver was crazy we had people flying off their seats!!] anyways the jetty was so quiet so took a snooze on the benches and at 730am took a speed boat to Tioman. And, what do you know when I got there co incidentally it's the "MEGA DIVE" Festival... HOW LUCKY I CAN GET... MORE FUN... DIVE & PARTY. So what more can I ask you know had a BEACH PARTY [free booze on the house], B.E.A.UtifuL people [great company], Beautiful Beach & Sea, Fantastic Weather. Even Fauziah Latiff and Hans Isaac was there too... Not To Mention The Media... Even met my Uni-mate there too.So anyways daily activities there, Diving [a definate for me], Snorkelling, mingle with the locals [that's where I got your sourveniers from], Making new friends [oh I even met an identical twin (not related) dive instructor and the weirdest thing is they share the same name "ANDY" sorry no picture only guys from the media], Went Exploring around the Island too [went up to an abandoned spa resort, it has a great view of Salang], Chilling on the hammock, relaxing and dreaming. Looking at the Sunsets

Mom made friends with the fisherman who was stopping by for a break and they gave us fishy for lunch[coral grouper] and dinner [flaming red grouper which is very rare and expensive] as you can see mom is holding lunch hahahaWe stayed in Room Number 11 at Salang Pusaka not beach view but garden view which is good enough. Oh, did I mention that every inch and corner or tioman has pretty flowers. Anyways the staff there are great people, very friendly. Even got one of the staff to kiss the fish for BBQ hahahah. creative and crazy people... XD

Well Final words from the islanders CHECK OUT THE PHOTO IT'S SO TRUE it applies to everyone who goes anywhere hahahha

That's all from me from tioman signing out officially sunburned

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