Tuesday, July 3, 2007

a hero and a miracle

[I heard a broadcast on the radio saying "your a malaysian hero! you have just climb mount Everest." and a blind man sitting in front of me gave the most beautiful sincere smile I have ever seen. which made my day! nothing could spoil my day.]

a hero?
compared by their achievements publish in public?
a miracle?
a person who saved lives and brought good?

what about those who makes an effort to wake up in the morning to improve themselves?
even if they seem to lack of a sense?
a man or woman who has the courage to voice out their thoughts?
a mother who sacrifices her life for her children?!
a smile from a blind which is true and beautiful?!
a teacher's patience to educate?!
a cry from a baby?!
a scientist who makes a mistake but makes a new discovery?

COULD we actually compare on the attributes of an individual and judge them and give them a tittle?
who are we to judge? who are we to say that he or she is a hero or a miracle?

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