Monday, July 2, 2007

Keamatan, Gawai and Penan festival 2007

I'm sure some of you are wondering what's this keamatan, gawai, and penan festival is about! Well is actually a harvest festival for the native in Sabah (keamatan), Sarawak (Gawai) and Indonesia (Penan).

Anyways there was a huge celebration for it in Church. We had brothers and sisters coming from different churches to our church for it... well you can imagine the crowd... *HUGE*

Well besides the pretty cultural decorations, we had pretty people too all dressed up in their traditional clothings... hehe I didn't want to feel left out even though I'm a chinese XP so I dressed up in an indon kebaya XD *so getting into the mood*

me all dressed up XD

other beautiful people with courtesy smiles...

well started of with mass then after that the fun begins... it began with the cultural ritual dance opening... as u can see...

magavau dance if I'm not wrong

food was great too... esspecially the traditional fish dish with lime... and other food as well unfortunately this picture was all I could get... I was busy serving... XP and eating... as u can see nearly sweeped clean. XD

this is the fish with lime thingy I was talking about...

later after lunch we had tones of cultural shows... fashion show... lucky draws... dances... voal performances.... etc etc etc...

orang asli traditional dance called kong-kong

traditional outfits from Sabah, Sarawak and Indonesia (different tribes)

then we had the toasting ceremony in 6 different cultures... just imagine in 6 different language and with a small small cup of TUAK... (tuak is a tradtionaly brew... it's deadly wicked) as u can see in the picture...

and we go "tiimai" - "tiuuuso" - "taaarra" - "nyiiirup air tuak" - "puaey" - "yam seng"


then later we had the Open Sumazau dance... simply yet fun and addictive

sumazau dance

Then we had the Sarawak Dance... it's kind of like a dance to the eagle or something... XD anyways it's the foot work that got us going "WOW" and also the little girl... so cute

isn't she cute???

another traditional dance from sarawak... Big but graceful...good foot work

well the day ended at 8pm starting at 10am... there's alot more going on... but no space to post it up... too many pictures XD... looking forward to the one next year... =D

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