Thursday, October 2, 2008

charity race

Its the 2nd day of Raya and the church did a charity race for the church building fund.

The event started at 7am for registration. Then the race started about 8am. Mom and me entered just for fun. Mom was in the ladies veteran (4km) category and I was in the ladies open (6km) category. The event was at the Tasik Permaisuri.

= beautiful morning to have the race =

I haven't been there in ages and it has changed a lot. It was like a weekend family resort. Pretty good environment for outdoor activities. The trail was tough. As there was like 45 degree hills to get through. It wasn't just around the lake but it went on Up Hills and into forrest and valleys as well. Really good for cardio training. I had no idea my church members was so fit and healthy. LOL.

Anyways, a pretty good number of church members turn up. Even the priest joined in for the race. Mom won the silver medal for ladies veteran (4km) category and I won the bronze medal for ladies open (6km).

= the bronze and silver medals =

= What a mother and daughter pair we make ^^V =

= anne mary (gold medal) and anne marie =

= brother david (silver medal for men's veteran 4km) and me =

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