Sunday, October 26, 2008

DEAD gorgeous with Fun Costume Shop/AbsolutPitch this Halloween

Well for this Halloween I'll be going to the Nuffnang Nokia Silent Halloween Party
(thank you nuffnang for the invites)

Anyways I'll be bringing Yvonne to the party.
=me and yvonne=
Yvonne and I went costume hunting at Fun Costume Shop by
And, We had fun trying all sorts of characters and came out happy with the results.

Well that's because:-
1) they have really rocking good selections of costume
2) they have a good consultation team (all sorts of ideas)
3) they are determined to make you happy and drop dead gorgeous
4) and they are super friendly and dedicated to YOU!!!!

What are we dressing as? its a secret and will reveal at the party :P

Well check out this costumes if you don't believe me

- Davey Jones from pirate of the Caribbeans -

- scary alien (human wearable its NOT for display only) -

-terra-cotta from the mummy 3 (its real clay and with a human in it by the way)-

- Headless Marie Antoinette (yes you will look headless but you are not) -

Well AbsolutPitch does custom costume creation, costume rentals and sale; consultation, costumed event management and etc.
If you are interested just give them a buzz

for inquiries
or Ed: 012-2209901
0r Gab: 014-6433401
or email them at or

Absolutpitch is located at;
Lot D3, Block D, 1st Floor, KL PLAZA,
Jalan Bukit Bintang, 55100 Kuala Lumpur.

Do give them a call first for an appointment, YA!

Anyways special thanks to Ed and Gab for attending to us even though its off working hours and you guys are down with a flu. Will make you guys proud by wearing and promoting the great costumes you put up for us. XOXO



Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for your comments on our costumes & services.

We always try our level best.

Happy Halloween fr. all of us at Fun Costumes & Absolut Pitch...!

Next year we will be named:


Let's get crazier then !

anne marie isabelle said...

well thanks for making the best of my first halloween and nuffnang party...

yes yes I hope we go really dead crazy next time ^^V