Friday, October 24, 2008

time in life

My childhood friend, Wai Mun came back today from her uni for study break. So I decided to pay her a visit after dinner. By the way her house is just beneath my apartment. Her mom was my baby sitter and I grew up with her and her cousin Wai Ping. 10 months ago I received news that her cousin Wai Ping is getting married and today she tells me that Wai Ping is giving birth to a baby boy by the end of the month. I wonder how time flies. *having flashbacks*

Even mom told me that its was just yesterday that she saw 'us' girls running around, screaming and playing; today she gets good news that Wai Ping is going to deliver a baby boy soon.

All of a sudden, I just got a random thoughts.

What actually have we done and achieved all these years?

When did we actually grow up?

What did we grow into?

With so much to do in our lives time just slipped passed us silently.

Did we actually make full use of time?

Looking back through my life, I'm proud to say that I did achieve something everyday of my life and still am. Thanks to my mom, she gave me all the opportunities and thought me to seek life; to learn and experience life in every manner. Good or Bad it serves as a lesson. Every moment counts.

"Life is a succession of moments. To live each one is to succeed." - Corita Kent

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