Saturday, October 4, 2008

sarcasm from a newspaper man

Got up early this morning to go and buy newspaper from the stall with mom then go have breakfast at the kopitiam.

So we approach the newspaper man (he recently got rich)

mom asked him: "You don't like me giving you coins for the newspaper, is it?"
(my neighbour told us that the man complains of us giving him RM 2.50 coins)

newspaper-man says: "You know I find it very FUNNY you give me coins all the time!" (with a sarcastic look on his face)

Mom and I was stunned and don't know what to say. (we are thinking what is so funny about giving coins???!!! It is money, Right???)
He's like looking at us up and down like we got our money from begging or picking it up from the street.

So Mom said: "You don't want coins never mind, I give you paper money loh." (mom pulled a bunch of money from her pocket and payed)

Then an auntie came by and said: "Wah...!! give you coins also you don't want ah??? If it was me I'll happily accept it mah... IT'S MONEY!"

Newspaper man said: "If like that don't buy newspaper from me la!!!"

Mom said: "Ok loh..."

Newspaper man said: "Make sure you keep your word!"

Mom said: "Don't worry..."

(He doesn't know my mom once she says something she means it)

So the newspaper man lost a customer today and by the looks of the other auntie she wouldn't want to buy from him also. (he's not the only one who sells newspaper at the area)

(literal translation means the "Nut forgot its shell")...
it doesn't mean you have extra coins in your pocket you can forget that you are actually standing on the ground.

Today he lost a customer for life and a friend too...
And with his attitude He's going to lose a lot more and soon his pockets are going to be empty.

Just because a person dresses shabby and comes with coins and money wrapped in a plastic bag doesn't mean the person is a beggar. People just want to be simple and live under the radar.

"Never Judge A Book By Its Cover."

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