Friday, October 24, 2008

some dumbass... ignorant racist

I am very offended, displeased and angry at this person on friendster.

This person randomly message me trying to be friends and this is the content I get for the 1st message


kalu la kite bole berkenalan kan best....tapi memang x bole bab org cina mana mau berkwn selain cina bye

translation in English:-


wouldn't it be great if we could get to know each other... BUT Cannot because CHINESE PEOPLE WOULDN'T WANT TO MAKE FRIENDS WITH OTHER RACES BESIDES THEIR OWN KIN... take care bye.

Now ...

No 1: If you want to be get to know someone don't judge or assume what they are.

No 2: Telling People indirectly that they are a racist even though you don't know them at all? WHO ARE YOU TO SAY?

No. 3: Just because one person who is a Chinese behaves like that doesn't mean that entire race is like that! [at this rate the your acting out I don't blame those people not wanting to be your friend!]

So I gave a piece of my mind

AnNe MaRiE wrote:

wat is wrong with u calling us racist???... ur the one who is being a freaking racist... u went over the line dude... jus becoz one idiot screws u up the whole race is to be blamed? r u stupid or ignorant? change ur mentality... never judge or assume people if you don't know them... at this rate ur talking I don't even want to be ur friend....maybe someone would be kind enough to actually be ur friend someone like u!!!!

The reply I got...

"ops mare ym "

translation in English

"Ops you seem angry... My YM is "

DUH... of course I'm angry and offended. is this a joke to you????
And You call yourself a Malaysian? Shame on you

feel free to give a piece of your mind to this person or even better YM this person at

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