Monday, June 11, 2007


well I am currently studying in ASK (akademi seni kebangsaan) and not too long ago it got official upgraded to a university into ASWARA which is a sucky name and the worst part the translation doesn't make sense cause it actually suppose to mean Akademi Seni Budaya dan Warisan Negara but instead they call it Akademi Seni Budaya Warisan Kebangsaan which doesn't make sense. But I am happy bout the upgrade besides the STUPID name...

Well it was a hectic and busy time... Just imagine in less than 5 days we (meaning the entire uni which has the population of less than 700 people) changes the whole uni's looks [fresh coat of paint, modified the bathroom... etc] and the students had to put up with the late and long nights of prepairing for the presentations, show...etc just for the arrival of the prime minister.

I got recycled 3 times...

1) being the M.C.

2) an escort for the recipient of achievers in the performing arts

3) do a lil runway for a nyonya batik fashion

4) join the choir for some singing...
wait that's already 4 times...oh well u basically get the point that it's hectic as hell.

And, just imagine my co-host actually fainted on me during the show coz he got recyled like me to... and I have to turn in too a medic at the same time while running the show =P then later got to pose for the press for pictures... etc.. etc.. etc..
But funny thing though I still had time to goof around and take some pictures haha... enjoy~~~

Me and Xavier the M.C's for the day (don't worry he wasn't the one who fainted)

"My Crown" Me goofin around with the Tengkolok

was crowned Ratu Kebaya XD

The perfomances

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