Tuesday, June 12, 2007

The unEXPECTED visit...

well normal day at work today until the one by one of unexpected visits to my studio... well we had superstar clients coming in today... well that's normal here I mean like erra fazira, ida narina etc... etc... coming into the studios for recording and stuff... well pretty much immune to them coz in ASWARA it's flowing with them around not to mention they are my lecturers.

BUT, I had the most un-EXPECTED visited that came into my studio today....
there I was resting for a bit playing my games while my supervisor doing her work.
and MR. PATRICK TEOH walks in and I was like stunned what is he here for.???
and I don't know how my mouth could come out with "HI PATRICK"
and he's like "hey what are you all working on?" then me and my supervisor saying the word "ANAK?" well I was kind of shocked but covering it... he was like "huh?" then my supervisor was like "you know the barney's flim thing" then he's like "oh YEA!"
They are like talking like he's the boss or something...
Then he brought a friend and said " oh I was jus showing my friend My studios... so carry on then."
I was like huh??? My studio???
he left and I was like asking my supervisor "He owns the studio?"
She's Like "YA!??"

hmmm I'm like GREAT... Patrick Teoh for my boss and owner of the company...
u know it's like an unexpected visit BUT supposedly to be an EXPECTED one...
somemore show bad impression playing games while on the job XP

oh well... now I'll be extra careful... XD

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