Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Langkawi - Day 1 - The Journey

It has been 10 years ago since I last stepped foot on Langkawi. So I was very excited to see the place again. Well the journey to Langkawi started at KL Sentral. The train was scheduled to be at 8pm but it got delayed till 930pm due to engine problems. So while I was restlessly waiting I took pictures of the ceiling and played around with my phone features and this is what I got.
Well I decided to take the train because I could comfortably sleep to my destination and the arrival timing is more convenient than arriving at 4am in Kuala Perlis.

This is what the train looked like from the inside.

And this is me playing with the lights... Cam whoring

Went to sleep after buzzing Jeffrey and I woke up at dawn snapped some pictures in the train.
This is at dawn (its not really clear because the train was moving really fast)

This is at day break...

The sun is shining through my window

All you'll get to see when you wake up in the train is beautiful scenery... Very calming and refreshing from the bustling life in the city where u see only concrete.

Fields of Padi.

Me looking out and enjoying the view...

Arrived at Arau 9am then took the Cab to Kuala Perlis Jetty around 920am.
The cab cost RM 24 for the whole cab they don't charge by meter or per person.
Then took the ferry at 10am and arrived in Langkawi at 11am.
By the time I got my rental car it was already 12pm. I drove all the way to Pantai Cenang where my hotel is located at. Mom and me stayed at Nadias Inn for the first 3 days and we moved on to town on the 4th day to Hotel Bella Vista.
Well we couldn't do much on the first day except drive around and explore the island.
In the evening we stopped at a Pasar Malam. Bought some fruits.

As you can see lots of varieties for you to choose from.

Later before sunset, Me and mom strolled down the famous Pantai Cenang.

charming little chalet at the beach
Mom and me Cam whoring XD

Here are some pictures of the sunset.

-The end of Day 1-

Here is the Langkawi photo albums - Langkawi Album Links


curryegg said...

Beautiful view and I like those pictures.. it's beautiful.. :)

anne marie isabelle said...

Thanks...yea there's lots more on my FB photos... ^^