Wednesday, December 3, 2008

off to Langkawi

hey hey you boys and girls...

Just to let you know I'll be off to Langkawi tonight for a vacation.
Will be back in a week..
So I won't be updating my blog till I get back...
Till then you peeps take care ya!
Will update you when I get back!

To my dearest Jeffrey,
Will miss you dearly!
Will sms, mms, and call you every chance I get ya!
Do take care of yourself when I'm not around.
If not you'll know what will happen...*winks and giggles*
Luv Luv... *hugs and kisses*

1 comment:

sully86 said...

hey I have decided to not go to bangkok for the bungee jump etc thingy. Planning to save up to go to Hillsong Conference on July 2009 if I am not mistaken