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Langkawi - Day 4 - Mangrove Safari

Day 4 in Langkawi - Mangrove Tour at the Kilim Geoforest Park

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Well its day 4 also the last day of my Langkawi Trip(day 5 spent going home), mom and me went for the mangrove tour at Kilim Geopark.
It was a wet and cold day due to the rain that came off and on but nevertheless we had a good time. The day started at 9am. The shuttle came to pick us up and brought us to the mangrove jetty point.
Me cam-whoring in the shuttle.
Well driving around in the rural parts of Langkawi you'll get to see a lot of fields of Padi. This is the whole area of the KILIM KARST GEOFOREST PARK.
Well our guide for the day is Mr. Micheal.
First thing we did when we got on the boat is actually Monkey feeding.
The Monkeys very daring oh... and can swim also... as you can see...

Then we had our youngest member on the boat... Ahmad from Palestine...
He's so cute and such a happy baby.

Then we travelled down river. Got to see the mangroves. Mangroves are very important part of the eco system and its the only plant that can actually filter saltwater into fresh water.
The scenery is breath taking if you like nature. It's like travelling down the GuLin river in China.
First stop we made was at a fish farm. Got to see a few critters like the archer fish, sting rays, groupers, etc etc.... some you get to touch them hands on.

Then the weather got wet. As you can see its RAINING!
So we had to wait at the fish farm.
While waiting other guest entertain themselves with chinese chess.

And mom is having an EYE POPPING experience??? LOL

When the rain stop we went into the crocodile cave. Unfortunately crocodiles no longer in habit in this cave due to the rapid change of the eco system and weather.
Then we sped of to the Eagle feeding grounds...

You can see the eagle came down to get their food.

Then after that we went to see the star of this Geoforest park, the limestome formation which was acknowlegde by UNESCO. But, we had to leave early because it started to pour heavily again!
So we sped off to the Bat cave... The entrance is kind of low and you have to like limbo through it. In the cave you can see well of course BATS and Limestone formations as well. Sorry no pictures for this one...
Note: Bats are sensitive to light!
Oh well that's the end of my Langkawi Trip. I had a good time there. I would recomend to those who are nature lovers. You'll enjoy the beauty.

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