Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Langkawi - Day 2 - Pulau Payar

Well this is Day 2 of my Langkawi Trip.
If you haven't viewed Day 1 here's the Link :
Langkawi - Day 1 - The Journey.

Well on Day 2, Mom and me decided to take a day trip to Pulau Payar, Langkawi Coral.
It was a day of sun, sea, sand and quality time with the fishes! ^^
Well the journey started at 0815am, the bus came to pick mom and me up from the Inn.
Then we left the jetty at 1000am.
What else can I do on the ferry while I get there??? cam whore!!! hahaha

mom and me enjoying the breeze.
Leaving Langkawi Island

We reached Pulau Payar at 1100am.
The Island

The Dock

Well as soon as We got on the dock there was a short briefing. And then, down the water we go!
There's a platform where you can sit on without swiming out to the reef.
The fishes are sure hungry! I got mistaken as bread my middle finger got bitten! Ouch...

Here's a picture of hungry fishes all around me while I was in the water.

There's an observation centre if you can't go down the water.
Unfortunately you don't see much unless someone is feeding the fishes from above.

From the observation centre.

After lunch at 1pm we went up shore for shark feeding. Well not feeding us la!~~~ LOL

There's was only black tip sharks and they are big and FAT!

People are gathering to watch the shark feeding.

Here's the shark feeder.

Here are the black tip sharks.

Here's a clip of the shark feeding... and how close the shark came to me!

Well after that, we had back to the dock for more snorkelling activities.
At 330pm we headed back to Langkawi.

Me signing off for Day 2.

here is the Langkawi photo album - Langkawi Album Links

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