Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Santa's Trail Treasure Hunt @ Berjaya Times Square

Sunday 14 Dec 2008.
Mom and me entered the Santa's Trail Treasure Hunt @ Berjaya Times Square.
The hunt started at 1pm and at 1230pm we had a briefing.

The Briefing

Anxious contestants listening attentively

Well the organizer said the question was easy and standard but the hard put was actually the detailing of finding the clues.
As you guys know Berjaya Times Square is no small place.
Running up and down, in and out of shops, looking at every detail to find the clue was no easy task while trying to beat other contestants and the human traffic.
While doing the treasure hunt there was a part that we could do charity by buying a gift for a child and its part of the hunt as well. Talking bout hitting 2 birds with one stone.

Well after running about through 6 floors at the finish line I couldn't even feel my legs anymore.
So while waiting for the results mom and I chilled at Starbucks me ordering my usual caramel machiato, blueberry cheesecake and sandwiches.

This was my lunch and my tea break.
Well did we win... No... unfortunately... because of the time penalty we got.
The winners all had the same points the tie breaker was the time they came in.

The Winners

Oh well me and mom didn't go home empty handed. We got a goody bag each which is worth like 300 bucks each.

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