Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Finally I got to spend time with my dearest Jeffrey.
Its a busy hectic month for him but he made time for me... *hugs and sayang dearest*

Anyways we went to leisure mall to catch a movie and we watched Quarantine.
Hmm... don't waste your time watching it because the storyline sucked! and it was all based on a camera recording the whole event so you'll practically get a headache as well after watching it. For the girls, I don't think you'll like the movie besides scaring yourselves, the movie is filled with blood and gore. I nearly felt sick. Its a 2 thumbs down for me.

quite possibly the best horror film??? NOT!!!

this movie has been QUARANTINED!!!


Simon Seow said...

But I quite like it wor.

anne marie isabelle said...

well everyone is entitled to their opinion la simon...

Jeff and I don't like the movie... XD